My selected drawings, sketches, watercolours 2020-2021.  Sometimes, I draw sketches as an independent work or as a sketch for a painting or a digital work. Mainly, I use pencils, coloured pencils, ink and watercolours or mixed technique.

Jose I 

A pencil drawing with adding of ink, 50x70

Some sketches of painting and new painting to come based on the screenshots from Roxy Music - Avalon video.

Jose II

A drawing with colour pencils, Jose in pink LIFX smart bulb light with blue reflexes.

Jose III

Watercolour painting/drawing, 20x15


A sketch of a second version of a painting Ikarus that I painted in 2012.

I decided that I didn't reveal all the potential of my idea of childhood's nostalgia in the first painting of 2012. The yellow bus, which model is called Ikarus, was common in Latvia in 1990's. I tried to depict it with bouquets of flowers in foiled paper falling out of a bus. This sketch is a mix of my childhood memories of a bus stop on a flower market and orange/violet Latvian winter.

Alpaca farm

A color pencil sketch of an alpaca farm.